Playstation 5

PS5 VR Controller Experiences

Sony brought a great Sony PS5 VR Controller to its PlayStation 5 this past week. You can now get storage devices that will help you increase the life of your PS5 and make it last even longer. Sony has taken the time to add some great features and have made them much more accessible to everyone.

PS5 VR Controller

Why is it important? Because you want to be able to enjoy your games on as long as possible, but there are times when you need to transfer your data files quickly to the computer. With this new PS5VR Controller device you don’t have to worry about running out of space or losing your information. The software will automatically take care of it and you can go about enjoying your games on a long play date.

SIE’s Product, Design, as well as Design groups have actually worked together to develop our new Virtual Reality controller; from the ground up with an objective of making a significant leap from current-gen Virtual Reality video gaming. We’re delighted with the controller we created; however what issues currently is how video game designers will capitalize on the functions; to develop the future generation of Virtual Reality experiences. Models of our brand-new VR controller will certainly be in the hands of the development neighborhood quickly; and we can not wait to see what concepts they develop as well as how the controller helps bring their creativity to life!

Our new VR controller talks to our objective of attaining a much deeper sense of presence as well as stronger feeling of immersion in Virtual Reality experiences. Adaptive triggers: Each VR controller (Left and also Right) includes a flexible trigger button that adds apparent tension when pressed, similar to what’s discovered in the DualSense controller. Tracking: The VR controller is tracked by the brand-new VR headset with a monitoring ring throughout the base of the controller. Models of our brand-new VR controller will be in the hands of the advancement community soon, and we can not wait to see what suggestions they come up with and exactly how the controller helps bring their creativity to life!

It’s a SONY

This can be something that you need to purchase if you do not have space in your own home for your computer. There are many things that you can do with your computer while you are at work or playing on the internet. You can get your work done, but you want to make sure that you have everything that you need in order to be productive. If you travel a lot then this will come in handy as well. You do not want to be caught without a computer in a foreign country.



Video Games

Video Game Industry during Pandemy

Video Game is more Popular today for sure, but you need to understand how video game systems have changed over the years. Advancements in game systems has led to more realistic graphics and more user friendly controls. As a result, playing older games is no longer necessary. Modern game systems use state of the art technology and allow players to interact with their friends and opponents on a whole new level.

Why Video Game is more Popular

Why Video Game is more Popular today? You need to understand the incredible amount of competition that exists in the world of video game systems. The intense competition between video game systems has produced some amazing results. Some companies have received millions of dollars in profit from selling systems to consumers. If you are looking for a way to spend time with your child that is fun and educational, then you should definitely consider video games.

Why do so many parents and teachers believe that video games are important? Simply put, video games provide children with an outlet for emotion and entertainment. Not only that, but video games help improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Video games also help increase a child’s ability to be creative, which will result in a much better quality of life.

Why is it that parents and teachers place such importance on video game systems? The simple answer is that video games are entertaining. Whether you are playing a first person shooter, a sports game, or anything else, you are engaging your mind in an entertaining activity. Video games have become such a part of our society that it is easy to see why they have gained such a tremendous amount of popularity.

So how do you get started with video game playing? It really comes down to finding a good video game system and getting started. The best way to get started is by searching the internet. There are several large video game companies that offer thousands of different types of video games. You should be able to find several titles that interest you and that fall within your price range.

Game Developers

Once you find a video game that you like, you can then download it to your computer and start playing. There are many advantages to using this method. The most important one is that you are able to play anywhere. Since you will be connected to the internet, you can access these video games at any time of the day or night. If you are a parent with children, video game systems offer an excellent way to entertain your children while teaching them valuable skills such as hand-eye coordination and motor control.


Devil May Cry 6 in Work?

Devil May Cry 5 Game is one particular rare games that successfully captures the essence of what a fighting video game ought to be. Even the hardcore fans will have trouble finding something truly spectacular in the series. For all those that want a genuine challenge however, Devil May Cry is certainly for you. So as to play this incredible game though, you must know at least a bit about its background and history. Fortunately, this game provides enough detail to make sure you are able to experience it fully.


Devil May Cry 5

The Devil May Cry 5 story behind the series starts with a man named Ciel Phantomhive. He could be on a secret mission to get the person in charge of his mother’s death. He accidentally results in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, where his past catches up with him and he could be forced to kill an enemy soldier. Along the way of doing so, he loses his right arm but is saved by a cyborg known as Ryu.

Throughout the game you will come across several characters which will either join your cause or try to kill you. These include your enemies, the Order of the Star Lord, and several other notable characters. The storyline is quite gripping, even though it sometimes becomes confusing. The voice acting is first class aswell. The voice actors are memorable as always and help to make the game come alive.

Devil May Cry is a first person shooter game where you have the ability to freely move around the surroundings. Weapons are available at certain times and can be utilized to take down your opponents. The game also has other features including, boss battles, puzzle mini-games and a healing shop. Throughout your missions you are generally permitted to choose whichever style of fighting you like. Each one of these has their very own distinct advantages.

The fighting in the game is quite intense. The blood shed is real and there is no mistaking it for a movie. The fighting is fast paced, as you have to move from enemy to enemy and beat them up. The fighting never enables you to rest, which means you will have to keep fighting during your entire game.

The story line of the game is intriguing. It requires you in to the underdark world of the vampires and the underlings who serve them. The series takes you from present to the future to put you right in the center of an international conflict.



The graphics and effects of the game are first class. The facial expressions of the characters are extremely life like. The sound of the combat is realistic and can allow you to get pumped up while playing. The overall game will keep you guessing, and you may find yourself playing through the overall game several times just to observe how you can level up and advance the overall game.

The game isn’t a walkthrough; rather, it is a quest guide. You must read through every area of the overall game and find all of the collectibles you can collect. If you want collecting games then this is a fantastic game for you to grab.

Devil May Cry has received many positive comments from its fans and critics. They enjoy the dark, mysterious feel and the intense combat. However, some individuals believe that the story line is really a bit too slow. Other people think it is a bit too generic. The score seems to vary over the board but most agree that it is fun.

In the event that you enjoy adventure games that have excellent visuals and quality sound then this series is definitely for you personally. The graphics look amazing and the audio sounds great. Playing through the initial few levels is really exciting and it will allow you to get interested in the game quickly.

The difficulty of the overall game varies depending on just how much of a challenge you want. If you’re up for a genuine challenge then you will most likely need to choose few gaming cheats or hacks to create things easier. Otherwise, you need to be fine. You may want to start with the easy options to see if you don’t have any problems.

Devil May Cry 5 happens to be a game that’s worth your time. It includes a great story and great action. It will keep you entertained for quite a while. Although it starts out with a few criminals, you will soon find yourself in the thick of the action.


Pokemon Snap July Updates

The New Pokemon Snap Game game is a spin-off of the popular Pokemon series. The game is not developed by Nintendo but it was created by a group of video game experts. The game is truly amazing and it will blow you away with the quality of the graphics and the details that go into creating the game. This game is not only fun for fans of Pokemon, but those who love to play other types of games as well. If you love to play video games then you will love this one!

New Pokemon Snap

In New Pokemon Snap, you will be taking on the role of a trainer. You will go around catching different Pokemon and training them to fight off opponents. When you are finished training your Pokemon you will head to the challenges in the gym. You will compete with other trainers in a tournament to see who gets to keep their Pokemon. The winner of the tournament earns the right to keep the prized Pokemon.

As you compete with the other trainers in the game, you will find that each one has his or her own tricks. They will use items and powers that can affect the other trainers and even the Pokemon that you are trying to catch. This is sure to be an exciting game that everyone will enjoy playing.

One of the coolest parts of this game is that you get to take a break while you play. When you play New Pokemon Snap, you don’t have to continue to fight. Instead, you can rest in a tree and wait for the next wave of Pokemon to appear. This allows you to work on your strategy for the next day. You can continue to level up and continue to challenge other trainers. This breaks up the monotony of continuously playing the same levels over again.

Another great feature of the game is the ability to customize your character. You can pick out which type of clothing you want to wear. This adds to the fun of being a trainer because now you can express your personality a bit more. There are so many new things to do in this game!

It is pretty easy to play with New Pokemon Snap. All you have to do is throw your Pokeballs on the platform and wait for them to fly into the pond. This is definitely one of the best parts of the game! You can see how it is suppose to be played.


The one thing that you should know before playing the game is that it is not going to be very much fun if you are not familiar with the characters that you are supposed to defeat. However, once you figure that out, you will have loads of fun. Also, keep in mind that this is not the same as the Pokemon Snap games that you might have played in the past. This one is totally different. In fact, it might actually be one of the most popular games on Facebook right now!

NieR Replicant Remaster Bad Glitches?

The NieR Replicant Remaster is absolutely on the sluggish side. Graphics for this game are not the very best yet they’re not something you’ll promptly discover. It may take a bit of time obtaining utilized to playing this game; especially considering that there is a great deal of food selections and also spell adjustments. The reason that I stated the slow side is that the beginning of the game; is much like any other activity game. Several of the atmospheres look really great as well as colorful however after completing the credit ratings, you’ll recognize that they look similar to any other PC video game you have actually played before.

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139

When it comes down to it, NieR Replicant is not a video game that I would certainly advise to those that have a significant absence of gaming experience. If you’re a fan of science fiction, army fiction, action-adventure, as well as visual books, then you’ll probably appreciate this video game. If you don’t have any one of these things in mind or perhaps if you assume you might, after that it’s possibly safe to state that you’ll locate this video game intriguing. It’s enjoyable and also addicting.

If you’re looking for a new video game after that look no better than NieR Replicant. NieR Replicant is a first individual, ‘select your own journey’ role-playing video clip game; released by Square Enix and also established by White Knight Interactive. Square Enix developed the game while simultaneously functioning with NieR: Omega of tomorrow, another title in the very same series of massively multiplayer online function playing games (MMORPG).

Yoko Taro

In the beginning of the game; you will certainly be introduced to some of the significant players involved with NieR Replicant; which includes Alex, the woman you’ll become entailed with throughout your time playing the game. The factor why I mentioned the slow-moving side is that the beginning of the game; is simply like any type of various other action video game.

Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 Unofficial Patch

Spelunky 2 gameplay involves various components of the original game. You still need to jump, shoot, fight and climb. However, there are also some added challenges thrown in. For example, you are required to work with a compass and obtain information from items on the screen.


Spelunky 2

The first levels in Spelunky 2 are really challenging. They start with a room that is dark and gloomy. You can find two patrolling guards who’ll make an effort to stop you from entering. In addition to this, there are two mini-doors in the area, one of them guarded by an angry mob. These enemies attack by throwing exploding eggs at you. Luckily, there are also many useful items round the level that assist you in this section of the game.

Moving ahead to the second level you will encounter the same two guards, but this time, they are armed with weapons. Continue continue as the two guards prepare to attack you again. One of them will throw a petrol bomb down the path. A quick screen prompt demonstrates this can only be done assuming you have a lighter. Grab the lighter and use it to light the path to the next platform where another guard will fire a few rounds at you.

The 3rd and final level contains an injured rat. Use the lever to open the gate to enter the level. Continue up the road and turn right where a locked door awaits you. Kill the rat and continue up the ramp to enter the final room.

Once you reach the finish of the level, there exists a panel that says unlocking the next level. Do not move forward, as there is another panel that needs to be opened. Open it and a zombie drops from the ceiling. Aim your gun at it and kill it. Use the flashlight to see what the panel says.

The next panel teaches you which item to pick up. The panel tells you where the item is so you can go pick it up without moving your character. Pick up the crowbar and move forward towards the end of the particular level. When you reach the finish, a zombie blocks the journey, nevertheless, you can kill it with a shotgun or using a crowbar on its head.

In the next level, undertake the level very quickly and go through the locked doors before the timer runs out. Continue to the end and you may find a rocket launcher. Shoot the zombies and avoid them as you shoot down one after another. The level ends with a rocket dropping down the shaft.


This game has many Easter eggs scattered throughout its levels. A few of these are very an easy task to spot and can result in other parts of the game. The game also contains several Easter items such as for example an egg having an Easter egg inside it, an egg atop a mountain, and an egg under a bridge. A humorous sequence occurs once you destroy an egg along with a mountain in the ultimate scene.

If you love adventure games and think you’re around completing every level in a reasonable amount of time, this game is not for you personally. The puzzles have become challenging. You need to think creatively to solve them. Occasionally, you would run into a gadget that you can use to open a door, but doing this can make you lose a life. You will also run into some tricky situations where you’re forced to use items you don’t have.

Spelunky is very replayable. You can return to previous levels if you’re not satisfied with the results. You can also return to earlier levels if you want to try different strategies. This makes this game an extremely popular choice among gamers who like to explore the planet and try different things.

This game is not an ideal fit for several gaming consoles, but it’s worth looking into if you have a video game console. Because of its age (it had been originally developed for PCs), the graphics might not look too good on your system. If you have a more recent computer, however, you may be happy with the graphics. The overall game isn’t as smooth as you might hope. There are several areas which are badly textured and there are some clipping issues, but other than those, the overall game runs smoothly.

It’s possible to choose the original version of the game (the demo is fine), or you can purchase the emulator. This will enable you to play the game right on your computer. It will not work in a live environment, but it will help you to play the game as if you were in real life. Just fire up your game up, pick up where you left off, and play to your heart’s content! It will be possible to see the improvements. You might even find that you like it better than the original release.


Dragon Quest Builders 2 XBOX in Limbo

Dragon Quest Builders 2 video game was an amazing game and will be one of the best games on the Xbox. Unfortunately it’s been rather dormant in the gaming community. This is unfortunate because this game had some really great features and the remake is coming to the Xbox very soon. So why should you get the new version? Well for starters, the game has just about everything that made it a great game in the first place. There are new areas to explore, items to collect, monsters to fight, and of course the quests to do.

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is going to be a much bigger game than its predecessor. The good thing is that the developers from publisher Chunsoft made sure that they added a lot more content into the game. For example, you’ll have the option of choosing between two different races – humans or animals. This means that not only will your character be different but the items they carry will also be different as well. It’s definitely something to look forward to.

The combat system has also been upgraded. It used to be pretty boring and uninteresting, but now it feels more responsive and realistic. You can block, Dodge, and attack using the controller, giving the action a more 3rd person perspective than the original. The fighting is also improved in other ways too. You can now break down opponents and throw them into pits, making the action feels even more intense.

And what about the characters? They’re all more animated now. There’s now a pirate captain, a dark mage, and a knight that are really detailed. Each of them has their own weapons, skills, and abilities, making them seem more personality.

May 4

The graphics have also been updated. The walls and floors of dungeons have been remade, and the actors have been given lifelike expressions. The facial expressions are particularly good, as the game seems to take itself even more seriously than its predecessors. It’s obvious that everyone involved, from the director to the programmers to the artists, did a great job.

Another thing I really like is the new flying capabilities. The game allows you to fly at certain times of the game. There are certain trees you can crash into, and there are monsters you can destroy. If you want to go underwater, you just dive down. You can also dive back out, if you want to.

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Updates

It is difficult to give a good review of the favorite video game Resident Evil village. You’re more than just scared by the visuals because they have been proven before few games. For many people, the visuals are the scariest section of the game. This game though has a lot of twists to keep you engaged from begin to finish. WHEN I have mentioned in my own previous Resident Evil articles, I’m not just a big fan of fighting but I admit the graphics in this game does make the atmosphere more intense.


Resident Evil Village

As a fan of the series though, I am going to admit that I was very impressed with the visuals. The scenery is really nice and creates an excellent atmosphere for the game. Dark and moody. But then once you drain the bottle, it starts to taste a little bit too acidic, a tad too wild, until finally you cannot taste other things.

The storyline isn’t as complex as I had envisioned, but it is not as well written when i expected it to be either. There are way too many plot twists without reason. I felt that the characters were underdeveloped for no reason at all. Well, maybe I missed something, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Some may find this disappointing but I liked it. For a lot of though, who likes it when things go unexpected, I think it is just enough.

A very important factor I liked was the particular level design. It really is different in each level and is fairly creative. You can get items and weapons strewn concerning the place, which makes it seem like you are really taking part in the action. However, there are also some areas that you’ll not access and these levels are just as exciting and well designed as the remaining game.

One of the terrifying parts of the game is when you are trapped within the lands of a facility. There are two main characters in this game – Jill Valentine and Dr. Isaac’s. They look very similar, so it is very difficult to differentiate them in one another. The game revolves around a single mission only and they both lead very different fates. One can be an evil doctor, the other can be an unethical nurse.

For the most part, the storyline is what made me play this game. The audio and visuals are well done. The game includes a great sound, but it may become repetitive. But overall, the overall game is not a real visual beauty, but it could be rather fun and frantic when i mentioned before.

The actual game play of this game is very well done. The platforming is tight and you can find no bugs. The game also features some very nice puzzles and brain teasers. The enemies can be extremely deadly which game offers up lots of surprises along the way.

Well Designed Graphics

Overall, Resident Evil Village Review: Escape from Van Nuys is a well designed, well crafted game. It’s not an excellent game, but it’s definitely worth playing when you have the opportunity to do so. It’s not like the typical zombie styled games which are out there. That one really has its own spin on the format and it doesn’t suffer by doing so.

As for me personally, I must say i don’t think that there’s any better game to play than Resident Evil. There’s just something about any of it that gets me pumped up and excited. And like I’ve mentioned previously, it’s not just a run and gun type game. It’s a lot more than that. It’s an experience and there’s something for everybody here.

You can obtain this game on the Wii as well. So you can play with friends. And I must say i don’t think that game has any flaws that could prevent folks from playing it. It’s great fun. It’s perfect for the whole family. I understand I enjoyed it right to the end.

If you’re looking for a new game to play, I’d highly recommend this one. I must say i enjoy playing games like these. They really don’t get much hype beyond gaming magazines. But when I acquired the copy of this game, I was really blown away by how fun it is. And I believe you’ll get the same feeling when you get your copy.


Fez Nintendo Switch July Patch

If you are looking for a device which is very much like an advanced console than the Fez Nintendo Switches could be a good choice. The Nintendo Switch is very much like an old style home computer. The most noticeable difference between the Switch and the older style home computers is the fact that the Switch is portable. So in theory it can be used in your house or on the go. That makes the Switch a good buy if you do a lot of gaming.


Fez Nintendo Switch Game

The critical response for the Fez is well recieved.

Many people like to have their hands free so video games are a great solution for doing this. The Fez controller is wireless so it is possible to play without having to carry anything. Some people however may not want to use the controllers and would prefer a traditional style game pad.


There are many video game accessories available for the Nintendo Switch as well. One of these is the Joy Con Handheld. This is a small controller designed to go into your hand. It helps to take the focus off of the game console so you can still play games and chat with friends. The Joy Con will make it easier to play games that require your hands to use. The Joy Con can be used in both portrait and landscape modes.


There are some accessories that are not available for the Fez Nintendo Switch. The Fez Callaway base is a popular choice for guitar players who want something heavier and more stable to play with. If you like playing with heavier guitars then this is the ideal option for you. There are also several other accessories available for this system.


When you start playing the Switch, you will find that it is similar to many other modern video games. The controllers are comfortable to hold and the buttons are responsive. You will also find that there is a nice selection of games available on the Switch. These include games such as Mario Odyssey, Zelda, and Pokemon.


This game is actually very addictive. That is why many people who have played the game to rate it at the top of their list when it comes to video games. The graphics are quite nice as well. However, what makes Fez stand out from other similar games is the fun that you can have with it. No other video game can give you this much in fun for such a cheap price.


Technical Support

Some storage space might be needed for this video game.

There are many people who claim that this game is not very educational. This is actually a common complaint against this game. The truth of the matter is that Fez is in fact a very good educational game. The game teaches you a lot more than just simple counting. While the game provides you with very basic information in the early levels, the game provides you with greater knowledge as you move into the more advanced stages of the game.



Spiritfarer July Update

Spiritfarer game is really a role playing video game in line with the famous Arlewulf series. It is just a fantasy role playing game that occurs in the lands called Spiritfarer after it was destroyed by unseen evils. You play as one of few characters who survived and so are protecting the final known world, referred to as Spiritfarer from destruction. If you’re looking for a PC game with good graphics, excellent storyline and many different alternatives available, then Spiritfarer may be the game for you.



The story type of the Spiritfarer series has you playing as Leir, a warrior who survived the destruction of his world. He must now seek out help from several characters to help him defeat this threat and save the world again. In the game, you will see yourself in several situations where you will be forced to create difficult decisions about which path is a good and how to proceed about some situation. Spiritfarer also takes about 20 minutes to play.

The concept of the overall game is very cool and unique in that it allows you to trade properties in Spiritfarer. This allows you to buy properties for a cost in real cash, while also gaining them back in the future when you invest in them. The game revolves around three different facets of the true estate investing game. This consists of buying property, renting these properties, and finally selling them.

You can purchase properties for either purchase money or for selling costs in the game. Once you have enough funds in your bank account to purchase a property, you can then begin buying up the properties that you want. During the actual game play, you will need to rent out the property and await the rental money to come in before selling it. Buying real estate isn’t easy and you must have patience and work hard to generate a profit. The game will require you to buy and sell real estate over time to earn enough money to aid your family and obtain through life.



The graphics and overall design of Spiritfarer are really nice. It looks like it had been made by a small independent company. They will have done an excellent job in making the game look attractive and user-friendly. The main one negative thing that I noticed concerning the game was that there were way too many ads that I couldn’t ignore. The overall game can be extremely addicting and there are certain points in the game that may remind you of something you need to do, but then you lose interest and quit the game right away.

Overall I like Spiritfarer. It really is an online multiplayer game that is fun and addicting. I enjoy playing this game with my relatives and buddies members. I feel that this game offers an interesting solution to play real estate investing and has an appealing storyline that keeps players interested. Overall, Spiritfarer is worth checking out.

For those who have played other property simulation games you need to give Spiritfarer a try. You might just be surprised by what you discover. For me, this game is preferable to many of the other property simulation games in the marketplace at the moment.

If you are interested in playing real estate, you will want to give Spiritfarer a try? It doesn’t cost you anything and you don’t need a credit card to buy the overall game. Plus, you get to keep the money you make aswell. Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of the trial offer? It’s completely free and has given me and many others, including myself, an excellent experience.

Terminator Resistance

Terminator Resistance Critical Patch July

Terminator Resistance PlayStation 5 is the latest installment in the popular Terminator video game series. Terminator Resistance is an upcoming first-person shooter video game released by Reef Entertainment and developed by Teyon. It is all about fighting against the Skynet, a race of synthetic cyborg humanoids who have taken over the world after killing most of the humans. You play as one of those resisting the enemy throughout the game.


Terminator Resistance Game

The critical response for the Terminator Resistance is well recieved.

As the player, you play as a human sent from Earth to fight against the Skynet. The player also has to make use of various power ups, skills, and weapons to defeat the Skynet. Apart from the standard run & gun action, the player can also engage in intense combat with the Terminators. You can blast the guards out of the way using a plasma shot, shatter the enemy soldiers into pieces using a wrecking ball, or throw yourself onto a robotic cyst and break it apart using the grappling hook. All these abilities are possible using creative licensing from the Terminator series of movies.


In the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of Terminator Resistance; the game can be played in two modes: Terminator mode and the infiltrator mode. In Terminator mode, the player has to survive many waves of enemies sent by the Skynet and make it to the extraction point within the timeframe specified within the game. There are four levels in total, which need to be cleared before moving to the next level.


In the infiltrator mode, you control one of the main characters; in the game as you fight through the game’s many missions. As the main character, you have the freedom to do anything you want. You can also use a machine gun to kill any guards advancing on your location. The character is also able to hack into computer systems in order; to gather information about the Skynet and other resistance groups. Once you have collected all the information you need, you can plan your next move and save the humans in the compound.


Technical Support

Some storage space might be needed for this video game.

This game is quite challenging, but you must not let that be a negative aspect. If you enjoy playing challenging games then you will love Terminator Resistance PlayStation 5. Just make sure you take your time and learn each and every secret power-up as you go. Also, be sure to upgrade your shields and weapons as you play so that you can be ready for any machine sentries you may encounter while on the field. And of course, always be careful with the enemies as they can attack in all directions and even at short range.


Roguebook Game ver 2.3

Roguebook PC Game has got the most amazing and unique concept in gaming. Now you can play this wonderful video game on your computer and have unlimited fun. Roguebook is the best choice for PC gamers. There is no need to purchase any license or membership to play Roguebook. You just have to open your game and enjoy.


Roguebook Game

The critical response for the Roguebook is well recieved.

Features Of Roguebook: Roguebook has all the amazing features like in-built screen overlays, 3D maps, sounds, full screen movie playing and so on. You can even unlock everything in the game! Just download, run the setup and install the game.


The link to Roguebook free download pc games is provided at the bottom of this article. The list of available games are Darkspine, Downwell, Fearless, Galaxy, Hardrive, iLove Boat Arena, London Casino, Merchants of Mars, Mystery Case Files – Cold War, Proving Ground, Speedball and Xtreme Pain. Each one of these games has several versions for free download on different websites over the internet. The list is complete with all the versions that are suitable for PCs.


These are not just the free games but also come with a full version for a limited period. That’s why it is very important for you to find out the right websites where you can get the free download pc game for free. The main benefit of Roguebook PC Game is that you can play it completely free without any payment. These are the advantages of Roguebook PC Game.


The Roguebook direct link offer is one of the best and reliable sources of video games. We offer all the latest video games for download in high quality. The best thing about Roguebook is that it includes the full version of Darkspine adventure, Fearless, Hardrive, iLove Boat Arena, London Casino, Merchants of Mars, Mystery Case Files – Cold War, Proving Ground and Xtreme Pain. These are the top rated adventure PC games.


Darkspine adventure is a turn-based tactical PC game in which you are a spy and have to master the strategies to win over the enemies. You have to use the weapons available for you and your three heroes to face the enemy and overcome different levels. You can find different items over there and you can spend some time to improve your characters. In the end you can unleash powerful combos and defeat the total boss of the level.


Technical Support

Some storage space might be needed for this video game.


The second one is the classic Roguebook pc game free download, where you play the role of two heroes and accomplish several quests to save the world. You must locate the amulet of ancient heroes and equip your heroes with the most powerful weapons to kill the enemy units. You also need to learn several tactics to survive the attacks of the enemy units and avoid their counter attacks.


Together with the above mentioned adventure PC game, you can unlock the secrets of the ancient riddles using the randomly generated artifacts. You will also be able to equip your hero with new skills, depending on your personal preference. For example, if you want to be a great swordsman, you should learn to use the sword’s skill tree. Similarly, if you want to be an expert archer, you should learn to use the bow skill tree. Moreover, if you want to be a highly trained marksman you should learn to use the crossbow skill tree.




Ashwalkers ver 1.5

Ashwalkers PC game review is one that gamers should check out. Ash Walker is back with a brand new game called Ash Vs Evil 2: Day of the Dead. This new video game is extremely different and something that people should look forward to. Here is Ashwalkers PC game review.


Ashwalkers Game

The critical response for the Ashwalkers is well recieved.

Ash is a character that you will find in video games like the original Ash vs. Evil. As a character, he has his own set of skills that he can use in the game. There are several characters to choose from, but Ash stands out among them because of his abilities. The fighting skills of Ash are top notch, as he has several powerful weapons that he can use to kill his enemies easily. Plus, he also has skills that will help him on his journey to becoming the King of Ashford.


Ash has three souls at the beginning of the game. When you are playing him in the game, you will notice that these souls are not human. Instead, they are undead creatures that have been corrupted by the devil. These people are not under the control of humans, but rather, they are under the control of the demon. The souls that are in your group must remain loyal to you throughout the game. This is why some people may begin to doubt you, but you must remain strong.


In Ash Walker’s Ash Vs Evil 2: Day of the Dead, you will get to play as many different characters as there are in the video games. The fact that there are so many characters makes the game more interesting. Plus, you will be able to go through all levels using just one character. There is an endless amount of ways that you can take down your enemies.


Technical Support

Some storage space might be needed for this video game.

Playing video games is a great way to relax and to kill some time. Ash Walker has proven that he knows how to get a game to sell because he created Ash VS Evil 2: Day of the Dead. If you are someone who likes free video games to play, this is one of your best chances to get involved with video games.



The Crayta PC Game New Update

The Crayta PC Game Review is one of the most comprehensive and in-depth reviews out there on video games. The reason why this game has gotten so much attention is because it’s actually quite fun. This game was created by the team that created the Sudoku, Solitaire, and other famous games. That’s a pretty big claim to fame, especially when you consider the programmers that created this game were also responsible for creating some of the earliest versions of these games. The goal of Crayta PC Game Review is to provide you with a review based on their long years of experience.


Crayta PC Game

Reviews for games are notoriously fickle and subjective. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re dealing with a company that has a reputation for producing quality educational programs and software applications. This means that they’re not going to pull a fast one on you by giving you a bad review just so they can sell you a different version of the same or similar software program. Instead, they’re going to be objective and explain why the Crayta PC Game Review is what it’s going to be.

The reason that Crayta is such a great learning and training tool is that it’s a very visually stimulating game. Many of the games are full-motion and realistic. They contain many different types of sounds, which are designed to make learning easier. As with most video games today, you’ll also have the option of making computer-generated learning decisions. This will make sure that you master everything about the game faster.

If you enjoy educational video games, then Crayta should be high on your list. It’s an easy program to use, it requires absolutely no downloading, and it makes learning video games fun. In fact, if you’re looking for a way to enjoy some fun educational video games, you should definitely look into Crayta PC.


Windows 10

A Crayta PC Game Review will let you know all about this new educational video game. You’ll learn about how the game teaches you math concepts, gives you practice exercises, teaches you the basics, and shows you how to make full use of your time in playing the game. You’ll learn about the different options you have when it comes to making your learning decisions. By making these decisions, you’ll not only learn more quickly, but you’ll actually be able to make better choices in the future, too.



Red Ronin PC Game Rev 2

The Red Ronin PVP game has several aspects that set it apart from other games in its genre. One of the biggest is the system’s ability to be tuned to the needs of each class. Each class has several different strengths and weaknesses and using the strengths to your advantage can help you do a lot more damage. You can also take advantage of the weakness of other classes to quickly dispatch them. This gives you a big advantage when you’re playing with friends or even competing with another player.


Red Ronin Game

The increasing popularity for the Red Ronin is beyond expectations.

Another important detail is the item system. Weapons and armor in the game are no longer simply slots for things like health potions. They now actually interact with each other, affecting the way they work and what they will look like. This makes the game feel more alive and dynamic than other MMOs that lack this type of system.


In my opinion, the best part of Red Ronin PVP is the player versus environment component of the game. There are several different maps in the game, each with their own objectives. These objectives range from clearing a prison to capturing a base and protecting it from being taken by the enemy. In doing so, you are also protecting the rest of the region from a gang of enemy players.


The enemy takes cover in the prison and therefore you are often required to defend it. This is where a good player comes in handy. A combination of offensive and defensive skills can help you to easily clear out the enemies and eventually claim the prison. If you get noticed, you can then turn around and help defend the rest of the region against waves of the enemy.


The final thing about Red Ronin PVP that I want to go over is the item system. Getting items that are rare, valuable, or only recently made helps make PVP a bit more exciting. For instance, the enemy will often counter attack when you have rare items. Getting a rare item that kills multiple opponents will often mean the difference between winning or losing the game.


Technical Support

You have to provide some storage space for this video game.

The graphics and the sound effects are both pretty good, and the overall experience is very satisfying. A big reason why Red Ronin rpg is getting more attention now is because of its accessibility. It’s a great game for people who do not want to spend a lot of time playing a complex rpg. The combat system is simple enough for people who have little experience with fighting to play. This means you can get your gaming on right away without having to invest a lot of time into it.


With a little more time spent in the game, it’s possible to develop your own strategies and build up your skills as a player. You’ll learn how to work with the different systems of play in the game and find out how to use your character effectively. Another good thing about the design of this game is that it allows you to play it on multiple characters, so you can see how they handle in different situations. Getting started in the game is easy with the different leveling paths available, and you can level up any character you like.


In conclusion, I’m happy to say that I enjoyed playing Red Ronin quite a bit. It was very enjoyable and kept me interested throughout. The good reviews and positive ambiance of the game helped make the game quite enjoyable. If you’re looking for an exciting and deep role-playing game with good reviews, then the Red Ronin Rpg Game should be right up your alley.

Sam & Max Save the World

Sam & Max Save the World

Sam & Max Save the World Game are a multi-platform media franchise based on the titular fictional twins; the Freelance Police officers. The characters; who once occupied a world that parroted American popular culture; were born out of Steve Purcell’s childhood; and appeared in a 1987 story written by Bill Sikes. Since their creation; Sam & Max have grown to become an international phenomenon; and a staple of late night television; which has reached millions of homes across the globe. Here we’ll take a look at the history of Sam and Max; as well as a brief history of this franchise.


Sam & Max Save the World

Sam & Max Save the World are two teenage boys; fresh out of their tiny school uniforms (with the exception of the socks); and as newly adopted brothers. They soon find themselves in charge of their very own agency; a position which they desperately want. Unfortunately; it seems to be quite a burden for both boys; as the responsibilities become more unbearable. The first season presented Sam and Max as roommates; with the boy; Max; always sleeping on the other side of the bed. The Telltale Games series later changed this; making Sam and Max reside in their own apartment together.

The Telltale Games series presents Sam and Max as high school kids; with the now adult Sam acting as the more mature and wiser older brother; whilst the younger Max plays the role of the naive and carefree younger brother. The series went on to create two more successful animated series; one based on a high school in the Washington DC area; and another based in Boston; Massachusetts. The third season introduced the characters of Max; along with all of the friends that were previously involved with Sam and Max; in an interactive TV show. The third season also introduced the Telltale Game series; where players would play the role of Sam and Max; controlling them through the use of the PlayStation Portable; and interacting with others around the world.

The Telltale Games series has grown in popularity amongst gamers; with many people becoming obsessed with playing this interactive series. One of the most well known games involves Sam and Max; who find themselves locked in a chocolate factory after stealing a box of chocolate from an unsuspecting girl. From here; the story begins to unfold; as Sam and Max must learn to trust each other; while also trying to save the girls from the clutches of the villainous Mr. X. Throughout the game; players are able to choose from a range of emotions; which help to define the characters of the game; allowing players to experience a range of emotions that are depicted in the final episode of the animated series.


Score & Verdict

In the third episode of the Steam show; titled “A Day in the Life of Sam & Max”; the characters begin to feel a sense of nostalgia for their younger years; as they recall their favorite childhood memories. When a storm occurs that causes all sorts of trouble for the two boys; Sam and Max must find out what has happened to their beloved mother; who has become obsessed with finding the legendary treasure called Stinky the Candy Man. The two enter a cave where they encounter a talking; green talking candy man who is searching for someone who can use his magic powers to cure him of stinky breath. When the children agree to help him find the treasure; they are transported back to their current location in the present; where Sam & Max are faced with a brand new set of problems; including Mr. X’s reappearance.

The Telltale Games series; like its original predecessor; ends with a shocking reveal – Mr. X is not who he seems and has been posing as a good priest for quite some time. It is up to Sam and Max to save their loved ones; thwarting evil henchmen and locating the legendary Holy Grail. At the end of the game; both boys find themselves sitting on top of a large cliff; surrounded by dozens of glowing red hearts. This is the Telltale Series’ conclusion; and you will be happy to know that the first game’s endings were filmed by Disney. It is also worth mentioning that the original Sam & Max video game’s box art is the same as the cover of the new movie.


Where the Heart Leads

Where the Heart Leads

Where the Heart Leads Game is an interesting new take on the classic Arthurian myths. Despite a slow start; Where The Heart Leads offers up on its promises to be an all new take on this timeless story. While far from perfect; the tale of Sir Gawain and Lancelot takes on a deeper meaning with each subsequent episode.


Where the Heart Leads

Award winning writer Michael Crichton takes you inside the mind of King Arthur; who rules Britain with his powerful knights. There are scenes in which Lancelot battles a dragon; but the real battle is inside of Lancelot’s mind. This highly interactive game lets players step inside the mind of their favorite characters. For instance; if you played as Sir Gawain during the events of the Arthurian cycle; then you’ll be able to play as Lancelot during the crucial Battle of Roses. You’ll be able to jump right into the action. However; there are a number of features that will detract from this title.

Firstly; the Where the Heart Leads game isn’t very captivating. It drags you out with its heavy story and dull fighting. It lacks the flair of a good first-person shooter. But the reality is that most people don’t like heavy stories anyway; so this shouldn’t be too much of a concern.

There are also many sections of the game that are poorly implemented. For instance; one scene involving Lancelot and Gawain has them locked in a tower room. The player can’t move near either of them; so it’s basically just walking up and down a hallway. There is a section where Gawain kills Lancelot; but the screen cuts back to Gawain speaking with his father; leaving the player in a cold state of mind. While this portion of the game is boring; it could have been shortened or made more engaging.


Score & Verdict

Finally; the game’s overall score is below average. It lacks the creativity of BioShock or Arma 3. BioShock was revolutionary because it was open world; while Arma 3 showcases the best use of its setting. Where the Heart belongs is forgettable. Graphics are poor; and character designs are awkward. However; this isn’t really much of a problem as you’ll get used to playing the game.

Where the heart belongs is an okay game. It won’t win any awards; but it’s enjoyable to play. Even if you haven’t played any RPG before; you should give it a try. I only advise playing it if you’re at least somewhat familiar with role-playing video games.



Akiba's Trip

Akiba’s Trip

publisher XSEED (kusume) has confirmed a Akiba’s Trip Game release for the Switch and PlayStation 4 in Japan. The previously announced Switch version will only be available in Japan at this time; but a European and U.S. release is planned. In addition to it’ll be a special; limited edition pre-launch sale day one. A demo of the game was recently released in Japan and is being held right now at the Gocheo Space Theme Park in Tokyo. I’ve had a chance to check out the demo and I’m really impressed with the game’s overall visual quality and feel.


Akiba’s Trip

Akiba’s Trip: Hellbound is an action RPG developed by Big Fish and published by Sega. It’s the spiritual sequel to the hit cult hit Japanese RPG Akumu in the form of a Switch version. I believe the Switch port was done by SEGA as a way to make up for their poor port of Akiba’s Trip: Gods Save Our Girls. Despite the fact that the graphics and sound are improved; the game does still run quite slowly. But that’s not what the most important part of the game is; instead the game’s story is what makes it an enjoyable game to play.

You play the role of Coraline herself as she embarks on a personal vendetta against the devil himself. Although the plot seems simple; the presentation of the game is quite masterful. Not only is the game filled with vibrant colors and environments; but the character models have been modeled after the most popular anime characters of our time; namely; Saitama; Armin and Dragonball Z’s Goku. The way that the game is presented is so life-like that it almost feels as if you’re actually there; fighting against the evil forces of Dr. Darkkan; the owner of the twisted establishment.

One thing that I really liked was the use of a point and click style control scheme. Although it isn’t used as much as it could have been (there are only two buttons); it still does manage to create an engaging gameplay. Unlike most action RPGs; your decisions impact the flow of the storyline; and this turns out to be an essential aspect of the game. Your decisions will either help the main characters or bring about the collapse of the evil forces aligned against them; thus affecting the different endings.


Score & Verdict

There are several different endings; and depending on your choices; each one is very unique. Some of the endings involve you taking control of both the girls and the boys as they struggle against the Dr. Darkkan. However; depending on your decisions; only two of the three main characters escape. Choosing which path you take affects the overall game play experience greatly. For example; if you choose to save Akiba; you will lose one of the girls; thus preventing the antagonists from gaining complete power.

Like most otaku fictions; Akiba’s Trip has its own following among its core demographic. Due to the quality level of the PS game and its unique style; it managed to gain quite a faithful fan base in the western portion of the world. However; due to its Nintendo Switch release; a lot of people have lost interest for the story and its characters; and some fans have given up hope for a sequel.


Last Stop

Last Stop

Last Stop 2021 is a fighting video game developed by Polar Motion that puts you into the role of Remy; a young streetwise hustler; who finds himself in possession of the ultimate martial arts weapon; the Dragon Rage. The Dragon Rage was forged in the fires of combat; and its mysterious power has the potential to wipe the floor with enemies and friends alike; if you are able to learn how to control it in order to unleash its full potential. Last Stop review will examine whether or not this game is worth your time. We are going to take a quick look at some of the negatives of this release; as well as give a brief overview of the positives. After reading this article you should have a better understanding of the positives Last Stop has to offer.


Last Stop

First; let’s discuss why the game is so unique and different compared to other fighting titles currently on the market. It features a high level of customization; where your fighter can dress as he wishes. Your wardrobe and facial expressions can be completely changed; giving you a truly personalized experience when playing Last Stop. If you are looking for an enhanced; interactive and highly customizable fighting experience; then definitely check out Last Stop.

Second; Last Stop also features an all new fighting system that is designed to give hardcore gamers the most incredible combat possible. If you are tired of button tapping and moving around the keyboard to get a feel of the game’s overall system; then this is definitely not the game for you. However; if you are one of those people who loves to customize their fighting experience every day; then this is the game for you.

Last Stop also features a great online community. If you like hanging out with other players and discussing strategies and techniques; then you are going to love Last Stop. This game supports both split screen and online co-op play. You can easily play against others of the same skill level; and a good way to improve your overall game experience is to play against skilled opponents. If you are having trouble finding opponents or just do not feel like competing with others; there is a practice mode available in-game for you to use.


Score & Verdict

Last Stop gives you the opportunity to play as any character you want to. There are two basic classes you can choose to play – the gruff sheriff and the mysterious gunslinger. Each character has their own special abilities and weapons that will make them standout from the rest. I especially like how each of the two main characters have special moves; but only with certain weapons. You can even change the difficulty of the game at certain points in the game. This adds a great deal of replayability to Last Stop; especially if you like playing tough characters.

Last Stop has great visuals; sounds; and overall quality. XBOX Graphics are very nice and will leave most people with a great feeling while playing Last Stop. The enemies you fight are very realistic and have unique behaviors and features that will really make you feel like you are facing an invading army. The Last Stop game plays very fast; so your enemies may seem very frightening at first; but the game never makes you feel frustrated or bored. Overall this game is well worth the price and will give anyone who likes zombie games a good; exciting time.


Samurai Warriors 5 Review

Samurai Warriors 5

Samurai Warriors 5 Game; better known in Japan only as Sengoku Musou 5 (Samurai Warriors 5); is an upcoming hack n slash video game by Koei Tecmo and a remake of the very popular Samurai Warriors series; a part of the extremely popular Warriors series of console hack and slash games published originally by Koei. The game is being published for the Xbox through its publisher Sega. The game is due to be released for the PC in 2021; meaning that if you happen to be one of those gamers who happen to own a Xbox; you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on this great game! The news of this game’s release has caused quite a bit of buzz and interest in the gaming world; with many people wondering what the game’s all about and how they can get their hands on the game! Read on to find out everything you need to know about Samurai Warriors 5.



Samurai Warriors 5 Review

The story mode of Samurai Warriors 5 follows the story of Shioda; who is still in training after he is thrown into the front lines of the battle against the Empire of Fate and marries Momoi. Only one thing seems to keep Shioda going; and that is his strong desire to prove to himself and the audience that he is indeed a worthy warrior; deserving of being thrown in the front lines and taking on the enemies of Fate. Once he gains the trust of the locals of Gion Kobu and eventually joins forces with them; he finally has the opportunity to face off against his enemies in true battle and in order to do so he must defeat the sage of Gion; the legendary warrior Emmeryn.


One interesting twist in the story of Samurai Warriors 5 is that of it being an Xbox game. On Xbox; there are only certain areas of the map that can be conquered and that’s about it. However; if you’re up for a challenge; you can always take on the enemies of Shioda in his very own personal quarters; where you’ll have even more freedom and better weapons at your disposal. The maps are huge and filled with things to do; including boss battles with each of the five different characters (although some of them come extremely quickly; so you won’t want to spend too much time fighting them).


A huge part of Samurai Warriors 5 is its new system of collecting and upgrading your warriors; as well as its overall look and aesthetic. If you like the original version of Samurai Warriors; you will definitely like what the series has to offer. For starters; the main playable character; Shioda; is a fighter type with a sword and shield. Each of his attacks cause a bloody mess; as his sword deals out lots of damage; but the shields can also block some of his attacks.


Score & Verdict

In addition to the new fighter types; Samurai Warriors 5 has a whole load of new weapons; which you can use to take out your enemies. The new weapons include a giant club; a machete; an axe; ninja stars; a nunchuck; and even a laser sword; so you have plenty of options when it comes to dealing out pain to your opponents. Plus; each weapon has a special move and attribute that make it unique from the rest; so you will never run out of options when it comes to using them against your enemies. The special moves of the weapons can also be used in combination with each other; making them even more powerful.


All of this sounds great; but does it live up to the hype? Unfortunately; in spite of all the exciting content; Samurai Warriors 5 on Xbox One isn’t nearly as good as the original. Yes; there’s a lot more content on here; but the game is still not very challenging or fun to play. If you’re looking for an interactive; challenging game with a great story; then you should definitely look into the improved versions of Samurai Warriors 5 on the Xbox One; PlayStation 4; and PS3. You can get a taste of what the new consoles have to offer by visiting my blog today!


Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator X is an online flight simulator released by Microsoft Game Studios and developed by Asobo Studio. It’s an entry into the popular Microsoft Flight Simulator series that started in 1982 and is followed by Microsoft Flight Simulator X now in 2021. It’s a fairly faithful recreation of the original cockpit and boasts a detailed scenery that incorporates accurate weather patterns. It also has some interesting features; like a tutorial option letting you learn how to use the various controls and aircraft in the game.


Microsoft Flight Simulator

The good thing about the Microsoft Flight Simulator X version is that it runs smoothly on most versions of Windows; including XP Home Edition; Vista; and Windows 7 Ultimate. The visual aspect of the game is excellent; with many detailed environments and aircraft at the ready for exploration. The add-on packs included in the Flight Simulator X version are designed for use with the simulator. If you’re not using these; you won’t get the best experience from the game. It’s available in North American and European languages; with a number of different language options available if you prefer.

There are some advantages you might find useful when playing Microsoft Flight Simulator X on your own PC. Not only can you play the game online against other players who have bought and installed the game; but you can take advantage of the technical add-ons such as airplane designs; control responses and aircraft performance data to customize your flying experience. The Flight Simulator X console can connect up to twenty users at a time; giving you a great opportunity to fly together with friends or even compete with fellow pilots who’ve purchased and downloaded the simulator. In addition; the Xbox 360 console can also connect up to five Xbox one gamers; giving you a great chance to take on other players in head-to-head competitions.

As well as the benefits for playing Flight Simulator X on your own computer; you will also find that the game has many features not found in other similar simulators. For example; all Xbox consoles support the Xbox Live service; so you can get access to a number of games that have been updated with new features; such as the Xbox Sports Game and Xbox Arena. The Flight Sim game supports both offline and online modes; which is ideal for people who don’t always have access to an online gaming platform. You can challenge friends and rivals in either game mode or practice your skills and tactics with practice missions; which are available for purchase with the Flight Simulator X version.


Score & Verdict

Another advantage of purchasing the Microsoft Flight Simulator X version on your own computer rather than purchasing it through the internet is that you can save money by avoiding having to pay the subscription fees associated with other websites. The Microsoft Flight Simulator X has a free trial period; so you can give the simulator a try before you decide whether or not it’s right for you. Many websites selling other versions of the game charge subscription fees; which can add up over time; making it cheaper to simply buy the Microsoft Flight Simulator X on your own PC.

Of course; the choice to download the Microsoft Flight Simulator X for your console is entirely up to you. If you’re not sure whether or not it’s something you’d be interested in; then purchasing a copy of the game on your own is perfectly safe. It’s more secure than purchasing a used or pre-owned version; and you’ll have the opportunity to test it out before committing to any kind of purchase. However; if you’re sure this is the kind of software program you want to get involved with; then purchasing on of the two Microsoft Flight Simulator X versions available should be a simple enough process. Be sure to visit our web site for more detailed information on the latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator X.


Orcs Must Die 3

Orcs Must Die 3

Orcs Must Die 3 Game is an upcoming action-packed tower defense video game released and developed by Robot Entertainment. It’s the third installment in the popular Orcs Must Die! series; and the second sequel to Orcs Must Die! 2.


Orcs Must Die 3

The third Orcs Must Die 3 installment of this strategy-filled tower defense game has been improved with new quests; monsters; items and more. This time around; players have to save the world against the horde of undead creatures that are rampaging through the land. There are new weapons to use as well; such as the battle axe and double bow. In addition; you can now opt for an endless mode; which can be great if you’re a completion junkie like me. In the endless mode; you’ll get more powerful weapons; more powerful Orcs; more gold and more unlocked items.

For those who like endless mode only for the graphics; you can always turn off the “auto-play” feature and have your game play without a voice track. If you’re into real war scenarios; though; you’ll appreciate the exciting sound effects; the well-designed maps; the fantastic graphics; and more. Although it has all the usual elements of a tower defense game; Orcs Must Die 3 adds a bit more depth with its endless mode and extra weapons and item to use during the battle. The graphics and story are both drawn beautifully; and they match the original’s dark and morbid tone.

Unlike the first two Orcs Must Die! games; in Endless Mode; you do not fight your enemies using only your own Orcs; but also several undead; which feel like true warriors due to their advanced weaponry and skills. You’ll have to take care of these units as they are very tough to kill and are much better at defending themselves than your average human in war scenarios. The added challenge given by the endless mode also means that you will be spending a lot of time on the towers; making this game’s content even more varied compared to the other games in the series.


Score & Verdict

I really liked the way that the game makes you feel like you’re defeating the hordes instead of just staying put and watching them kill each other. Even if you lose a couple of troops during the endless mode; the graphics still make you feel like things are out of your control. With all the towers and traps available; you never know when one of them will fall and capture an enemy; so you always want to be ready.

Another thing that impressed me about the original Orcs Must Die! XBOX game is that it was much easier than the remake. Unlike the third game; which required a lot of trial and error; this game only requires you to purchase the horde packs and play the game right through. That way; even those who aren’t so good with games can easily pick up the basics of the gameplay without having to worry about losing too much progress from dying or getting hit by a trap. With the original Orcs Must Die! game; even the guys who weren’t that used to playing on computers could figure it out pretty quickly; so this is definitely a big plus.


Monster Harvest

Monster Harvest

A farming simulator with a little edge to it; Monster Harvest 2021 offers a bit of an alternative to the typical farming simulator. Unlike many such games; where you basically just plow your land and plant crops; Monster Harvest gives you a little extra. You see; while life in the first place starts off easy enough as you simply work your way up through Planimal Point; making farms; building houses; customizing your house as you please; and so on; eventually you will find that the outside world is a touch; shall we say; odd. In fact; there is something seriously wrong going on down at the Yucatan Peninsula! When you get to this part of the game; things will take a turn for the worse; so prepare yourself for some twisted logic and ghostly powers as you begin to explore the Yucatan Peninsula.


Monster Harvest

Monster Harvest starts out with you and your friend Max working on your family’s farm. Everything is going smoothly until; all of a sudden; Max gets injured and is left in need of immediate medical attention. Once he wakes up in the hospital; however; he realizes that he has some unfinished business at home; so he heads off to the local gaming store to purchase an Xbox 360 and some other video game downloads. However; upon arriving; Max is stunned to find out that his house has been invaded by some sort of savage animal. Now; in order to save his life and that of his friend Carl; Max must use all of his resources to devise a plan of action that will not only get him out of harm’s way; but also to capture the beast that has invaded his land. While most gaming platforms have you playing on an island; with only a few select islands available to explore; the wonderful thing about this game is that you can play it on the road.

Monster Harvest is not only a great time management game but it also is a fantastic video game. The graphics are top notch and the character models are quite unique. The game itself is quite engrossing. As you wander around your small farm; you will come across animals like cats and pigs that will eat your crops. When animals eat crops; they drop items that are used to make new crops.

Monster Harvest is not a farming sim. It does not try to tell you that farming is a bad thing. However; it does try to sell you on the idea that there will be a bit of down time while you work on the farm. That being said; it is not a bad action RPG either and anyone who has played any of the classic Mario or Zelda games should feel right at home with it. Monster Harvest is easily a game you can sink several hours into and it will give you a nice return on your time investment.


Score & Verdict

Once you have started playing the Switch game; it will seem like you never want to stop. Monster Harvest takes you through several episodes as you struggle to keep your farm in tip top shape. You will need to manage your animals and crops as effectively as possible if you hope to have any chance of surviving the raging waves of zombies and monsters that are going to try and claim the land for their own death. If you can survive the initial onslaught; the more difficult challenges will become as your farm grows and you find yourself investing more time in growing and creating crops to sustain the growth.

The battle part of Monster Harvest is where it shines. There is an exciting; chaotic element to the fighting that makes it both fun and addicting. Even the beginning stages with the weakest creatures will provide you with a nice challenge as you strive to make them stronger and faster so you can reach the endgame. Monster Harvest has an addictive quality that is rare in games today; I would look for this combination whenever I get a chance.


Death's Door

Death’s Door

Death’s Door is the latest video game from developer Impressions Gaming and based in San Francisco; California. Death’s Door is actually a first person role-playing video game based in an open world environment; using the Unreal Engine. You play the role of a malevolent character identified only as the Overseer; dispatched from the corporate headquarters to Earth to eradicate the human population. This mission will not be an easy task as the climate on Earth is highly inhospitable to human life.


Death’s Door Review

The  story behind the Death’s Door game revolves around the Overseer’s recurring dream that he can find and kill the latest target; a member of his squad. To achieve this; he sends his new recruit; newcomer Rachel; to the middle of a hostile desert landscape. Along her journey; she uncovers the secret that the family of the Overseer’s enemies are holding hostage. With help from a few locals; they manage to get their hands on the technology used to control the Overseers. In return for this valuable information; they agree to help Rachel and destroy the evil Dr. Isaacs.

But with the success of this mission comes one problem. Ancient evils attack again and the Overseer’s enemies use new high-tech weapons to bombard him from above and below. Will the gruff; hardcore veteran; Rachel; be able to survive the intense combat? How far will the relationship between her and the father figure; the Overseer? Is there any way to save the game from the dreaded finish?

This game certainly has its fans amongst video game enthusiasts. It has received numerous critical acclaims. This game certainly does not resemble any other first person shooter games that you may have played before. The controls take time to become accustomed to. In fact; some people may find themselves holding the DualShock one handed while using the DualShock four-player local multiplayer mode. This game is not as linear as you would expect from a first person shooter game.


Score & Verdict

For a lot of PC gamers; this game will probably provide more than what it offers. Although it is difficult to conclude if that’s true or not; the atmosphere of the game really is fantastic. It brings you right into the action; allowing you to enjoy the scenery and battle the bad guys right alongside your hero; who happens to be well hidden. This game definitely needs to be on the must buy list for anyone looking for a new video game.

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Space Jam A New Legacy

Space Jam A New Legacy

Space Jam A New Legacy Review Rarely will a movie star; musician or actor get the opportunity to rework a popular TV series as well as a beloved cartoon into a super-hit film. Yet; that’s exactly what happened with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The seventh installment of the original Star Wars series; The Force Awakens picks up after the events of Return of the Jedi. With the dark forces once again coming to the galaxy; the new lead character; Rey (Rooney Mara) must team up with a reluctant Luke (Falcon Edwards); while facing new enemies in her quest to save the Resistance and discover the truth about her father’s death.


Space Jam A New Legacy

Although the first few minutes of Space Jam A New Legacy Review suggest a return to form for the main characters; once it hits its momentum the tone is different. For instance; the first confrontation between the Resistance and the First Order; a mysterious group of battle-hardened terrorists; is delivered in a way that’s completely different from the scenes we’ve seen from previous films. This new space thriller opens with a bomb ticking down on the Millennium Falcon (a favorite space ship in the original trilogy). No sooner does the sound of the explosion reach our ears; we’re in the midst of an action-packed chase across the snowy desert landscape of Hothmoon. The Resistance fighter pilot manages to ram the Executor; and a firefight ensues with the help of a Resistance tank; which is piloted by none other than BB-8; played bypasses Star Trek legend John Boyega. In this exciting scene; the star-studded cast of The Force Awakens shines.

In another scene; Poe (Poe) and teammates fly aboard a hijacked TIE fighter; where they are pursued by a trio of TIE fighters. When the TIEs reach the front of the group; Poe fires off several rounds at them but gets hit in the leg. Thankfully; he’s saved by a surprising Resistance fighter. Meanwhile; the First Order is confident that their ground attack will be enough to wipe out the Resistance; so they send their TIE fighters after the unsuspecting Resistance ships.

As it turns out; the Resistance ship is carrying some highly classified information about the plans of the First Order. Knowing this; the Resistance pilots decide to execute a daring rescue mission; risking their lives. In the process; they ram the TIEs and destroy the Executor. After the destruction of the Executor; the remaining TIEs are forced to retreat. However; as they flee; the First Order manages to steal a shuttle from the Resistance and escape to the jungle moon of Endor.


Score & Verdict

With the Death Star plans destroyed and the rebellion scattered; the Empire has little to no resources left to further their efforts on the planet. In order to make up for their lack of manpower; the Empire turns to the bounty hunter Boba Fett; who happens to be the son of an Imperial agent. Using his expert training; Boba Fett tracks down the elusive Luke Skywalker; who was also hunting for the Dark Lord. While pursuing the mysterious knight; the two encounter each other and engage in a dogfight.

Space Jam XBox is a fun and entertaining film that’s sure to entertain viewers young and old. Although it is a bit short; the space battle scenes are thrilling and entertaining throughout the movie. The special effects are entertaining; although occasionally over the top. Overall; Space Jam is a fantastic family movie that kids (and adults) will enjoy. With some great special effects; a great cast; and some unique twists and turns; Space Jam is a definite must-see movie… So; go out; fire up the pc; and have some fun!