Sony Blockbusters – Too Obsessed

Sony’s Obsession with Blockbusters has captivated the hearts of gamers worldwide, and is their latest release in the gaming world. Consisting of four games, it’s not a bad idea to check it out, although if you have never played before, you might not understand why everyone is raving about it. The main title is “Dinolympics”, which is a spin-off of the successful Crash Bandicoot franchise. It follows the exploits of an archetypal sports agent, who must aid his beloved girlfriend in saving her uncle’s failing sports show, while fighting the evil Crash Bandicoot!

Sony Blockbusters

As you may expect from a video game based on a real life event, there’s plenty of Sports Mix, or in other words, sports action! Unfortunately, since this is the case with most of Sony Blockbusters Obsession games; there aren’t any actual sporty or athletic scenes. They tend to be more family oriented, involving everyone from children to young adults. This can make it a little tough to find your footing with the controls, but once you’ve gotten the hang of them, it won’t take long for you to breeze through this game.

“Resident Evil Extinction” follows the story of two unlikely heroes – a soldier and a bounty hunter – who must save the world one step at a time. The game starts off with you defending yourself from a group of terrorists who are looking to take out your father. The game drifts into an alternate timeline after you escape from Dr. Isaac’s lab, and the subsequent events have you chasing down your old enemies and stopping the madness before it strikes again. The storyline in “Resident Evil Extinction” is excellent; involving plenty of twists and turns that keeps the game from feeling like it’s part of the original movie. It even has its own fair share of Easter eggs, so pay attention for that as well. One sequence involves your character in an elevator, and another takes place aboard an aircraft.

PlayStation Empire

“Resident Evil: Extinction” gives you the opportunity to really explore some of the characters in your game. A favorite among hardcore fans, this game lets you play as the game’s various protagonists, as well as a supporting cast of different characters. Playing as Jill Valentine, the game’s heroine, forces players to think about how she might handle being a member of a special group; such as that employed by the military in “Resident Evil Extinction.” Playing as either the evil side or the good side of the equation; you’ll face a range of missions, fight with a range of monsters, and complete a number of tasks in order to save the Sony world.



Video Game April Fools Jokes 2021

April Fools Day is a time to play the fool and of course there are some really great Video Game April Fools Jokes 2021. It is the one day in which we all can enjoy a bit of comedy from around the globe. The internet has made it very easy for people to get into the spirit of the occasion and share their own best video game jokes. We take a look at some of the more popular ones this year.

Video Game April Fools Jokes

Everyone loves to play Video Game April Fools Jokes that involve fighting and being good at it. There are several games on the market that feature this concept. One of the most popular of these is Grand Theft Auto. Rockstar created this game in the 1990s and has now developed a number of add-on content since its release.

Many adults enjoy role playing games. A good example of this type of game is The Secret to the World’s Masters. This takes place in a world where magic is real. You play as an important character and travel around the world, completing tasks and trying to acquire powers and abilities.

The Legend of Zelda starts with the player taking control of Link. He is an orphan who lives in the world of Hyrule (the place known as the ‘verse’). Link is forced to start his adventure by the Princess Zelda. Link has many quests to complete, and is often seen dressed in a green hooded tunic.


Plants vs. Zombies are the latest game to come out from Popcap Games. It is essentially a game of survival. You have to avoid zombies in all levels and rooms of the game. The objective of each level is to plant as many trees as you possibly can and keep them alive as long as possible. If you damage any of your trees, you will have to restart that level.


Tetris was one of the very first popular puzzle games. It is a game where you must line up triangular shaped pieces to make perfect squares. It looks like a cross between a puzzle and a game of chance. Like many other classic games, you will rotate the tiles regularly, so that you can line up your next shot. This game can be a lot of fun and challenging, but it can also be addictive.




New Pokemon Snap Game – April 30

The New Pokemon Snap Game game is a spin-off of the popular Pokemon series. The game is not developed by Nintendo but it was created by a group of video game experts. The game is truly amazing and it will blow you away with the quality of the graphics and the details that go into creating the game. This game is not only fun for fans of Pokemon, but those who love to play other types of games as well. If you love to play video games then you will love this one!

New Pokemon Snap

In New Pokemon Snap, you will be taking on the role of a trainer. You will go around catching different Pokemon and training them to fight off opponents. When you are finished training your Pokemon you will head to the challenges in the gym. You will compete with other trainers in a tournament to see who gets to keep their Pokemon. The winner of the tournament earns the right to keep the prized Pokemon.

As you compete with the other trainers in the game, you will find that each one has his or her own tricks. They will use items and powers that can affect the other trainers and even the Pokemon that you are trying to catch. This is sure to be an exciting game that everyone will enjoy playing.

One of the coolest parts of this game is that you get to take a break while you play. When you play New Pokemon Snap, you don’t have to continue to fight. Instead, you can rest in a tree and wait for the next wave of Pokemon to appear. This allows you to work on your strategy for the next day. You can continue to level up and continue to challenge other trainers. This breaks up the monotony of continuously playing the same levels over again.

Another great feature of the game is the ability to customize your character. You can pick out which type of clothing you want to wear. This adds to the fun of being a trainer because now you can express your personality a bit more. There are so many new things to do in this game!

It is pretty easy to play with New Pokemon Snap. All you have to do is throw your Pokeballs on the platform and wait for them to fly into the pond. This is definitely one of the best parts of the game! You can see how it is suppose to be played.


The one thing that you should know before playing the game is that it is not going to be very much fun if you are not familiar with the characters that you are supposed to defeat. However, once you figure that out, you will have loads of fun. Also, keep in mind that this is not the same as the Pokemon Snap games that you might have played in the past. This one is totally different. In fact, it might actually be one of the most popular games on Facebook right now!

NieR Replicant Remaster ver 2021

The NieR Replicant Remaster is absolutely on the sluggish side. Graphics for this game are not the very best yet they’re not something you’ll promptly discover. It may take a bit of time obtaining utilized to playing this game; especially considering that there is a great deal of food selections and also spell adjustments. The reason that I stated the slow side is that the beginning of the game; is much like any other activity game. Several of the atmospheres look really great as well as colorful however after completing the credit ratings, you’ll recognize that they look similar to any other PC video game you have actually played before.

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139

When it comes down to it, NieR Replicant is not a video game that I would certainly advise to those that have a significant absence of gaming experience. If you’re a fan of science fiction, army fiction, action-adventure, as well as visual books, then you’ll probably appreciate this video game. If you don’t have any one of these things in mind or perhaps if you assume you might, after that it’s possibly safe to state that you’ll locate this video game intriguing. It’s enjoyable and also addicting.

If you’re looking for a new video game after that look no better than NieR Replicant. NieR Replicant is a first individual, ‘select your own journey’ role-playing video clip game; released by Square Enix and also established by White Knight Interactive. Square Enix developed the game while simultaneously functioning with NieR: Omega of tomorrow, another title in the very same series of massively multiplayer online function playing games (MMORPG).

Yoko Taro

In the beginning of the game; you will certainly be introduced to some of the significant players involved with NieR Replicant; which includes Alex, the woman you’ll become entailed with throughout your time playing the game. The factor why I mentioned the slow-moving side is that the beginning of the game; is simply like any type of various other action video game.